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Multiple Choice - American History

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  1. The first president of the USA was
    a. Thomas Jefferson
    b. Alexander Hamilton
    c. George Washington

  2. Slavery was abolished in the USA in
    a. 1853
    b. 1863
    c. 1873

  3. Pearl Harbor was first attacked by the Japanese in
    a. 1940
    b. 1941
    c. 1942

  4. The longest-serving president of the USA was
    a. Ronald Reagan
    b. Theodore Roosevelt
    c. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  5. "Camelot" was a term used about the presidency of
    a. John F Kennedy
    b. Richard M Nixon
    c. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  6. The USA joined World War I in

    a. 1915
    b. 1916
    c. 1917

  7. Franklin D Roosevelt's policy to end the depression of the 1930s was called
    a. Big Deal
    b. New Deal
    c. Good Deal

  8. President Nixon was forced to resign because of
    a. the Whitewater scandal
    b. the Watergate scandal
    c. the Whitegate scandal

  9. George Bush was president during the
    a. Vietnam War
    b. Korean War
    c. Gulf War

  10. Ronald Reagan first became president in
    a. 1976
    b. 1980
    c. 1988

  11. The most critical foreign policy situation in Kennedy's presidency was
    a. the Korean War
    b. the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
    c. the Cuban missile crisis

  12. Bill Clinton before he became president was a
    a. Vice President
    b. Senator
    c. Governor

  13. The American Declaration of Independence was signed
    a. July 4, 1756
    b. July 4, 1766
    c. July 4, 1776

  14. The Gettysburg Address, containing the words "a government of the people, by the people, for the people", was delivered by
    a. George Washington
    b. Abraham Lincoln
    c. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  15. Martin Luther King first led the civil rights movement in
    a. a violent demonstration in Detroit, Michigan
    b. a bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama
    c. a lawsuit about school segregation in Little Rock, Arkansas

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