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Welcome to my little resource site for EFL (English as a Foreign Language). Developed as a tool for my EFL teaching in Norwegian high schools, this site contains links that are tentatively organized according to the Norwegian national curriculum (see below). There are also links and assignments for some of my classes.

Special features:
Links for my classes:
Teacher resources
My interactive exercises
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Jørn Hoelstad Pettersen
Ås videregående skole


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Jan. 19, 2001


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UK links
British geography and history
British politics
Northern Ireland
British education & work

US links
Am. history - Nat. Am
Am. history (II)
US education
and work
US geography
US politics
Assorted curriculum-
related links
Literary periods before the 20th C. 
Business letters
The environment
Speaking of Norway
English as a world language
Intercultural communication

National curriculum 1st year(in Norwegian)
National curriculum 2nd/3rd year (in Norwegian)
Mark-up of written work 
Class 1A 97/98 website
Class VG 97/98 website
Interactive curriculum 1st year