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1FOC 2000/2001

Tuesday, December 5

Take a look at the paintings below. Then write a text about one of the paintings. It could be a story that you make up about one of the characters, your reactions to the painting or a discussion of the techniques, imagery etc. used by the artist.

Washington Crossing the Delaware, 1851, Emanuel Leutze (born Germany, 18161868)

Fur Traders Descending the Missouri, 1845, George Caleb Bingham (18111879)

The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak, 1863, Albert Bierstadt (18301902)

Prisoners from the Front, 1866, Winslow Homer (18361910)

Cape Cod Morning 1950 Edward Hopper

American Gothic, 1930. Grant Wood

Christina's World Andrew Wyeth

Nighthawks  1942, Edward Hopper

Sweet Dreams, Baby! from the portfolio, 11 Pop Artists, Volume III 1965,  Roy Lichtenstein

Tuesday, November 7

Begin by making an email address at Skolenettet. Go to their website, fill out the information, and send it as soon as possible! It takes an hour before it works. At least one person in each group needs an email address.

You are going to look for information on the American elections that take place today. The information you find you are going to email to me. You may use MSWord and paste in the relevant information and enclose that Word document, or you may put the information directly into the body of your email message. My email:

I have put together a list of links for you on my website, but you should feel free to look for sources on your own if you like.

All groups answer this question:

Each group chooses one of the following questions: All groups do the following: