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Powerpoint presentations on aspects of UK politics

These presentations were originally made for use on an overhead projector. I made the charts in MS Excel and imported them into MS Powerpoint, then printed the document directly onto overhead transparencies with an inkjet printer. If I had known I would put them on this website I would have made them a little bigger.


”First-past-the-post” - an unfair system? A point that is always hard to explain to students, many of whom are not even familiar with the PR system of Norway. I've tried to demonstrate with a chart the discrepancy between the percentage of the votes and the percentage of seats in Parliament of the three major parties.

Changes in regional support of parties 1987-1997 When I presented this using the overhead projector I had the legend printed out separately. As it is, it works reasonably well as an illustration of the loss of support of the Conservatives (blue) and the increase in support for Labour (red). Notice Scotland, which became a "Tory-free zone" in 1997. (The maps can be found at British Politics, a great resource if you're interested in that topic).

Parliament - changes between 1992 and 1997 general elections Maybe another type of chart would have been more appropriate than this pie-chart?