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Jørn's Internet EFL resources

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Am. history - Nat. Am
Am. history (II)
US education
and work
US geography
US politics

British geography
and history
British politics
Northern Ireland
British education & work

Literary periods before the 20th C.
Business letters

The environment
Speaking of Norway
English as a world language
Intercultural communication

Class 1A 97/98 website
Class VG 97/98 website

National curriculum 1st year(in Norwegian)
National curriculum 3rd year (in Norwegian)

Mark-up of written work

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If you are a student in one of my classes looking for links to relevant websites, please check in the table of contents on the left. Reading plans for my classes for the 1999/2000 academic year are now available: 1A, 2EN3, 2EN5, and 3EN5.

For those who might have surfed in here by accident and wonder where they are, this site was developed as a source of course materials and course-related links for two English (EFL - English as a Foreign Language) courses that I taught at Sortland videregående skole, a high school in Vesterålen, northern Norway in 1997-98. I now teach at Ullern videregående skole in Oslo.

One fairly recent addition to my website is a small section where I try to answer a question that is not immediately evident to everyone: "Why would an English teacher want to use a computer?"

A while ago I also tried to make my site a little more interactive. I produced some interactive crossword puzzles, multiple choice tests, matching exercises and gap-filling tests. Try them out!

These pages ©Jørn Hoelstad Pettersen. (Last updated: November 29, 1999).

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Click here for Q&A with the Dr.!

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