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EFL/ESL links & Reference

There are thousands of great EFL/ESL sites on the web, and I won't even pretend to know a tiny fraction of them. A great source of information on useful websites as well as other aspects of EFL/ESL teaching is TESL-L, which bills itself as "probably the largest and most active computer mailing list for teachers of English to speakers of other languages".

Online Educator - well-designed, continually updated site dedicated to "making the Internet an accessible, useful classroom tool".

If you want to set up email exchanges for your students, the best site is probably IECC, St. Olaf College's Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Contacts.

Do you like crossword puzzles? I do, and I have been using Crossword Express to generate puzzles based on vocabulary lists from texts we have read in class. It's a fun alternative to regular vocabulary tests (it's shareware - definitely worth the few Australian dollars they charge for it).

Literature resources for high school and college students - a tremendous collection of links to online books, short stories, poetry and resource pages for writers, put together and impressively updated by Michael Lee Groves of Lewis and Clark University, Oregon.

Academic resources for the study of British history - many of them for students at university rather than high school level, but maybe they are useful and interesting to you as a teacher.

Collins Cobuild - a great source for vocabulary study, idioms, etc; based on a corpus of "real" English from newspapers, magazines, books.

Webster Dictionary

Webster Thesaurus

AltaVista Babelfish - machine-based translation between several languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian)- works OK for single words or expressions, but when it comes to translating whole texts this demonstrates how vastly superior human translators are to machines - so far ...

Anagram Server - completely useless, but pretty entertaining!

Acronym and abbreviation server - helps you make sense of the alphabet soup of acronyms and abbreviations in English - not quite the Encyclopedia Britannica - but unlike that super source of facts, this one is free. An impressive feature is the fact that clicking "View article" starts six of the best search engines on the Internet searching for the search words you have typed in. Click on "Related Internet Sites" to see what they come up with.

Biographical encyclopedia - 25,000 entries