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UK politics / political system



Study questions over British politics - take a look at the questions first, then come back to this page to look for useful sites that might provide answers.

Useful links


BBC News Online - great source of news about politics (as well as all other aspects of British society and the world)

The BBC also has a great area on their website called the A-Z of Parliament.

"British politics" from Ivor Peksa is a comprehensive site; among other interesting things you'll find color-coded maps of all general elections and referenda since 1983.

For an in-depth analysis of the 1997 General Election, look at

The British Monarchy - official web site

Parliament home page - with links to information about the House of Commons and about the House of Lords

How does a bill become law?

Labour Party main page

Conservative Party main page

Liberal Democratic Party main page

... or look at this menu listing the home pages of dozenz of large and small political parties in the UK

The Scottish Parliament

National Assembly for Wales

Local Government Information Unit

European Parliament