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1HSB 2000/2001

Friday, November 3:

Work in the same groups of three that you organized last Friday. You are going to look for information on the American elections that take place on Tuesday, November 7. The information you find you are going to:

  • report back to the rest of the class next week.
  • email to me in the form of a bulletted list (= punktmerket liste, slik som den du leser akkurat nå). You may use MSWord and paste in the relevant information and enclose that Word document, or you may put the bulleted list directly into the body of your email message. My email:
  • If you do not have email addresses that work at school, you can set up an email account here:

    I have put together a list of links for you on my website, but you should feel free to look for sources on your own if you like.